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Castles always present a great opportunity for investment and retain their value for the long run.Around the world, there are only a limited number of such properties that have ever been built and each one is unique.

We provide a variety of different types and styles of castles for sale; some range from those which requires renovation to those which are of the perfect elegance look and have probably been recently restored.

Castles for sale can be found at a wide range of prices and it is highly worth your time to be exploring all available options. If moving into a property that is majestic to suit your exquisite tastes, we are sure to have something to fits you.


Of course, owning your very own castle can bring many further exciting opportunities for some grand projects too. You may be searching for that perfect castle for sale, to which you could convert into a luxurious hotel or be used as a majestic meeting hall.


Castles can be useful in so many ways.


Some castles may even come complete with timber or wine production facilities.


So why wait now? Castles might be that perfect investment opportunity you're looking for all this time!

Castles Catalogue

Florence, Historical Palace

This historical palace is built in Florence, also one of the most prestigious and famous residences in Florence, recently renovated for it to look its best.


The total surface of the palace is 6.000 sqm.

There is also a permission recently to create luxury apartments out of the palace.


The cap rate expected for the palace is 5-7%.

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