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Looking for a great investment in international properties? Well, look no further!

Whether you want to buy, sell or rent out a residential property our team of property experts and lawyers will always be there to provide assistance.


Within this list of catalogues we've included all kinds of residential properties such as villas, apartments, residential homes... You name it, we got it.


Our catalogues are ever-growing with more and more entries of fabulous international properties on a daily basis, so check back whenever!

Residential Properties Catalogue

Florence, Villa

This wonderful villa is situated on a promontory with a full panoramic view of the city of Florence.

The estate dates back all the way to the late Middle Ages and was restored in the nineteenth century by Count Hochberg who bought the property in 1885.

In 1920, the villa became the property of bibliophile Tommaso De Marinis who made adjustments to the environment of the villa and gave it a neo-Renaissance style.

The architectural design of the building includes many different architectural elements: a polygonal tower with a copper roof dome, balconies, towers, overhangs, eaves and loggias designed in neo-rococo.


It was spread over an area of 17 hectares which is divided into a park of 6 hectares and 11 hectares of farmland.

The main villa is spread to 3,400 square meters, the villa adjacent to 1100, the tower - to 260 square meters, and the villa "Il Canneto" - to 1,300 square meters, while the property includes the reception of over 100 square meters, for a total of manufactured more than 7,100 square meters, attached to appliances to 2000 square meters. The residence can be expanded by 20% with the regulations and can be designed to accomodate a hotel type luxury en suite 7 stars.


The cap rate expected for the villa is 4-7%.

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