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Have any plans for a trip to Castello di Montauto, yet?

Introducing Castello di Montauto.

Located in Tuscany, Italy, the charming castle itself has over 1000 years of history.

Castello di Montauto rises to an altitude of 168m s.l.m on top of a conical hill overlooking the magnificent Chantigiana. The dominant position on the summit dell'erto hill building offers a vast landscape for a panoramic view. The castle, despite its significant size constitutes an element far from obvious in the surrounding landscape, is protected by a large park of cypress and live oaks that extends far beyond the perimeter of the ancient walls.

The Montauto Chapel is a church - hidden by vegetation and it seems to strongly remain intact after all these years, thanks to the nineteenth-century restoration by the Cav. Busi. Inside you can admire a fresco attributed to the school of Giotto, while above the entrance door is a bas-relief in terracotta from the school of Luca della Robbia representing St. Lucia. The Montauto Castle is an interesting composite monument that summarizes in itself aspects of medieval art, Renaissance and Baroque.

Castello di Montauto is a very strong and majestic castle that has preserved over the centuries, despite the succession of owners, so much of its original characteristics remains untouched.

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