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Visit one of Italy's most beautiful castles today: Castle Piedmont

Introducing Castle Piedmont, or Castello di Morsasco in native Italian.

The Morsasco Castle stands proudly on the houses of the old shelter that is accessed by passing through a high door, carved at the base of the tower which still shows traces of the drawbridge. The entrance park opens like a fan on the view of the Monferrato hills.

The castle, built since the thirteenth century, belonged to the Malaspina, the Lodron, Gonzaga, Centurion and Pallavicino. The castle provides a beautiful stone fireplace in the New Hall, commissioned by Lodron at the beginning of '500 as well as the game arcade of the tennis court (early '700).

The chapel, built where once was the well of the courtyard, is of the early '700 and is dedicated to St. Catherine of Siena, patroness of Centurion Scotto Principles.

Castello di Morsasco is also open for guided tours to visitors. The visit starts from the gateway of the old shelter and resumes in the courtyard of the castle to go up to visit the main floor of the castle. They then go down to the basement and go into barns where they set up mechanical kitchen utensils, ranging from the collection of XIX till XX centuries.

The tour ends in the cellar with the big barrels (400-300 kegs). The tour is generally guided around by the owners.

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