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Spain: Beautiful Historical Estate near Madrid

The estate is in the shape of an almond which has the main property with its architectural history on a little hill in the centre of the upper part which offers exceptional views over the natural park of the Sierra de Madrid, Spain.

The estate is bordered around its perimeter with original masonry granite, giving it a very authentic appearance and has two entrances, one to the north and one to the south. Its privileged location within more than 22.000 hectares of Natural Park where you can practice hiking, mountain bike or horseback riding and enjoy areas of high historical value, such as the Roman bridge over the Guadarrama River and the sixteenth century dam built by Juan de Herrera as part of the original installations constructed around the Monastery of the El Escorial.

This is a well known area that since the beginning of the XX century has been visited by the Spanish aristocracy for its reputed clean air and health benefits. The entire estate is located in the Natural Park, and has a section of it classified as "Building Land Not Sectored", which provides a potential area for urban development for whoever would like to exploit this option. Its proximity to other top class housing developments like El Gasco or Las Marias, located in the most elegant areas, provides a potential for future developments of a very high standard.