Sierramas: Posh, Private and Quiet Luxury Home 'Sierra de la Rose'

For today's special article, we shall introduce our newest luxurious property for sale, Sierra de la Rose, a 10,450 sqft freehold home filled with tranquility and existing in peace with nature which is located in a quiet high-end residential area in Sierramas. The residential area itself consists of about 90% Chinese population who are all very good neighbours.

The property itself is already 9 years old and was completely built from scratch from ground up. Possessing good fengshui, this fabulous home was also designed and built with the balinese tropical concept in mind and has since been featured in 3 magazines such as Edge's Haven and Malaysia Tatler. How very glamorous!

Walking through the naturally harmonic entrance pathway, one will reach the majestic entrance of the luxurious abode.

Entering the elegant home, one will be greeted by a traditional and spacious living room filled with all sorts of intriguing artifacts as well as decorations which greatly matches the aura and style of the lovely residence.

Over to the side of the living room we have both an elegant dining room fit for royalty as well as a high-graded kitchen fit to be tended by master chefs.

There will also be a staircase provided which leads to the second floor.

This elegant property consists of 5 bedrooms and 1 maid's room in general. Nevertheless, the home also comprises itself of 6 attached bathrooms as well as a visitor's washroom provided for your ease of staying.

Let's not forget: Nothing completes a magnificent home such as this one without a swimming pool. Let us now introduce Sierra de la Rose's very own private swimming pool!

Quite a magnificent display of genuine craftsmanship, is it not?

Aside from the wondrous swimming pool, visitors may also lounge around the relaxing outdoor lounge while gazing at the lively fishes swimming around the 2 spacious fish ponds after a hearty swim around the pool.

Additional features included in the fabulous residence comprises of a gym room, 2 store rooms, magnificent stereo systems as well as a Bose sound system, 24-hours security and finally, a timber deck.

This marvelous abode also possesses 8 spacial car parks on its own.

All in all, the asking price for such a lovely property is 9 billion ringgit, and the price will be negotiable.

Interested in the property? Call us now and book for a viewing today!

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