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Basic Skills Required to Become an Investor Relations Manager

Investor Relations Manager or IR manager has become one of the hottest job profiles in recent

times. Many candidates get attracted to this profession as it is high-paying and not that

competitive. It also does not require you to have some extraordinary abilities, just some basic

skills and you are good to go. Mastery over those basic skills is a must in order to become one

of the best IR managers in the market. But it is seen that many people are still confused about

the actual role of an IR manager in a corporate setting and the skills required to become one.

This article is for them.

What is an Investor Relations Manager?

An IR manager is a mediator between investors and corporations that help investors make more

informed decisions about their investments. As we know that the market changes very rapidly

so it is important to always keep your investors educated about it, so they feel like a part of the

company. For this, the firm requires someone that can represent them along with their financial

goals and achievements to the venture capitalist, so that they can help in achieving them.

What are the basic skills required by an IR Manager?

Data Analysis

Your data analysis should be on point, as you would need to read and understand all the

financial reports of your company and then forward that information to the investors. This

requires you to understand all the jargon and various sectors that your company deals-

in. This is a skill that cannot be developed in one day or by reading a bunch of books.

You can only develop it with on-field work.

● Presentation Skills

After the data analysis comes the presentation part, where you have to communicate

everything about your company’s financial standing in the most holistic way possible, as

your presentation not only updates your investors but also paves way for better and

stronger investments.

● Research

You should not only be familiar with your company’s policy but also with the current

market trends. By connecting both of them you can create a better demonstration for

your investing partners.

● Intrapersonal Skills

Great communication skills are of the utmost importance when it comes to becoming an

IR Manager. When you have good intrapersonal skills, you become more approachable

and can make people trust you. Explaining large financial reports to the investors is a

mammoth task itself and sometimes might be boring as well. But if you have a charming

personality, everyone is ready to listen to you.

Whether you possess these skills or not, you must have the desire to work in the corporate

sector, these skills can be learned on the way. One does not necessarily require an MBA but

needs to have experience in the corporate field to become an IR Manager. So work on

developing your skills with consistency and get your dream job.

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