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Recycle with Roman and Fizah

As you know Covid has been a total nightmare for everyone, people lost their jobs, freedom and we were not able to travel. I normally try to take off a few months cycling touring somewhere, however due to Covid I was not able to go anywhere. After two years, I was fed up and I told Fizah (my wife) to come and join me on the cycling road trip around Malaysia. She said that there was no way that she will cycle for a month because it will be too difficult. I told her that instead of cycling we could try to walk instead – and then thought I was even more crazy. I attempt to convince her and mentioned that we could walk 10-15km and see how it goes. We walked 15km from our house to the Botanic lake garden and Fizah suddenly got hooked by the idea. We now needed to find sponsors and help to complete our journey.

We did not want only to walk, we wanted to create an impact and raise awareness on the environment in Malaysia.

For this reason we decided that everyday, we will be collecting rubbish and film ourselves on social media.

We posted a few articles about our project and Frederick from IWealth Global was really interested in what we were about achieve. He invited us to his office to talk about our project and without hesitation decided to help us.

My laptop was 13 years old, 3 of the USB port was not working properly, the HDMI port isn't working and most importantly the WIFI on the laptop was not working either.

Frederick join me to the computer shop and offer us a brand new laptop where I could finally edit my videos and work on my social media without any hassle.

On June 2022, we left Kuala-Lumpur and complete our 500km walking journey in 22 days and collected about 400kg of rubbish and solid waste.

Frederick was very supportive all along the way and was sending us messages to see how we were.

Once again we would like to say thank you to Frederick and IWealth Global for their generosity and support.

Next year, I finally will be back on my bicycle ( Without Fizah) and plan a 5000km ride from France to Finland ( in 2 months) and attempt once again to raise awareness on the environment.

You can follow our adventure on our Facebook page:


Roman and Fizah


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